Welcome to the new home of Hatcrafters, Hat Cap Exchange and Top-Hats.com. As you can see, we make and sell all types of hats. We have Fedoras, Homburgs, tricorns, cocked hats and many more. What you see on this page is a small sampling, click on a category below for more items.

Check out our summer sale! For the patriots in us we have the Uncle Sam, Uncle Stripes and Tall Uncle Sam priced at 20% off!

Most styles are available in a wide variety of colors.

Wholesale and theatre customers, please contact us so that we can create an account for you. No accounts have been transfered over from our other sites.

This site, while still under construction, is going to be replaced. The new site www.top-hats.com and is now open but still under construction. We have attempted to bring over all user name and passwords. If you have a problem logging in, please let me know.

 Wholesale and professional customers, remember to login for appropriate pricing!